Zeiss jug handle brass microscope - circa 1912

A pinnacle of late continental design, this Stand IIIE by Zeiss may be one of the greatest of the lacquered brass-bodied microscopes ever made.  It is a large microscope standing 12 3/4" tall.  It is signed on the barrel and on the stage, "Carl Zeiss, Jena".  It's serial number of 62420 would date it to circa 1912, although the body design dates to 1904.  The rotating circular stage has its original mechanical slide stage.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, and fine focus is by means of micrometer knobs on both sides of the limb.  All controls are in fine working condition.  The sub-stage Abbe condenser has a variable iris diaphragm and controls to put it off axis for dark field and oblique light viewing.  The mirror is plano-concave and excellent on both sides.  Lenses include an A, D, and 2mm Apochromatic oil.  All are original Zeiss optics with matching brass canisters.  There is a single eyepiece marked as "4".  As might be expected from Carl Zeiss, the optics are excellent.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a painted black base.  Finish is complete with only the most minimal signs of wear.  The original mahogany case with four panel door is in excellent usable condition.  It has a nickel-silver carry handle, lock but no key.  In sum, this is one of the most solid and optically superior microscopes ever made.  It brings to a close a hundred year plus tradition of sophisticated brass instruments.

Item 1473

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