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C. Reichert brass microscope circa 1895

Carl Reichert married into the Leitz family in 1874 and began manufacturing in Vienna two years later. This, and the fact that he had some of the Leitz technicians working for him, explains why his instruments are so similar in design to those of Leitz. The firm was known for high quality instruments well into the 20th century when it was eventually bought out be American Optical in 1962. The instrument shown here was manufactured circa 1895, and is strikingly similar to the Leitz Continental style microscope of the same era found elsewhere on this site. It is signed "C. Reichert, Wein, No. 22544" on the base and measures 11" tall in closed position. It is also signed "C. Reichert, Wein" on the front of the barrel in large block letters. I has the standard complement of three objectives: a #3, #7, and 1/12" oil immersion. All are signed "C. Reichert", and all are in excellent condition. Coarse focus is tension adjustable, rack and pinion. Fine focus is delicately controlled with a knob on top of the limb. Tension adjustment is with a small thumb screw on the back. The square vulcanite stage has a sub-stage, swing-out Abbe condenser with variable iris control and swing-out filter holder. The plano-concave mirror is excellent on both sides. The original lacquer finish is nearly perfect with some minor spotting on the base. The microscope comes in its own finely made mahogany case with matching serial number. Inside the case is a small accessory drawer and a pull out tray for holding the lenses and eyepieces. Two extra eyepieces accompany the set. The superior optical system, and fully regulated firm controls make this a microscope as practical today as it was one hundred years ago.

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