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19th century Collins Binocular brass microscope

A large and impressive brass binocular microscope by Collins circa 1872. It is signed on the bar-limb: "C. COLLINS, Optician, 77 Gt. Titchfield Str., London" In closed position the microscope stands 17 " tall. It has a Wenham prism in a sliding drawer in the tube above the unique double-lens mount. Additional provision is made for an analyzer in the prism drawer. The microscope comes equipped with a Collins Webster condenser, which has a height adjustable lens, a circle of dark-field stops, and a built-in variable iris diaphragm. An additional polarizer condenser is in the case (no analyzer). The outfit is equipped with two pair of eyepieces with side shades, and comes with four Collins correction-collar lenses in marked brass canisters. The lenses are: 1" (10x), " (20x), " (40x), and 1/12" (120x). Focusing is rack-and-pinion with fine focus by a lever attached to the inside of the right focus knob. The microscope has a large, fully adjustable mechanical stage. The eyepiece width is adjustable by rack-and-pinion on the tube, a feature introduced by Collins in 1871. The plano/concave mirror is in excellent condition. The microscope is finished in polished brass, and all controls function properly. It comes in its own dove-tailed, wooden case with brass handle. Additional accessories in the case include a standing bullseye condenser that can be exchanged for a circular mirror, stage-forceps, a frog-plate, live-box, a wheel containing four filters, and a camera lucida attachment that slips over one of the eyepieces. Also attached inside the case is the original green Collins manufacturer's label. This is a very complete version of a highly respected microscope.

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